CIRO provides individually-tailored solutions in the most important sectors of business and industry as well as in public administration, with the following key areas of activity:

  • Restructuring/improved efficiency (re-engineering)
  • Reconstruction and rescue packages/corporate strategy
  • Implementation and execution
  • Marketing/sales
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Project management/TQM/ISO 9000

CIRO is active in the following sectors:

  • consumer goods/capital goods
  • consumer electronics
  • electronics/telecommunications
  • food and kindred products
  • textiles
  • mechanical engineering and machine tools
  • metal-working industry
  • plastics
  • environmental protection
  • trade and commerce (consumer goods/technical goods)
  • construction/housing
  • state level authorities/public administration/health sector
  • transports systems/air traffic/tourist industry
  • economic evelopment/business promotion
Consulting experience gathered in all these sectors ensures that companies in other sectors will also benefit from individual, qualified and specialist consulting in their specific field of application. The know-how and experience gained in many and various areas of business and industry is employed in each individual case in the search for solutions. In this way, detailed improvement proposals can be drawn up, bringing improvements that ensure companies long-term competitive advantages and earning power.