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The first orientation meeting between the entrepreneur and CIRO is designed to establish the basis for a future cooperation based on mutual trust and confidence. At this point, the client company does not enter into any obligation but can use the meeting to decide whether CIRO is the right partner to find the solutions beeing sought.

This meeting takes place at the client´s offices and against the following background:

  • each side presents itself

  • the entrepreneur presents his/her business

  • CIRO project management presents CIRO

  • the entrepreneur describes the problems faced

  • discussion of possible consequences and objectives

  • walk-around visit of company or plant (or agreement of date for visit)

  • handing over of corporate documentation
    (company reports, product documentation, brochures, promotional material)

  • agreement on how to proceed






What the client receives from CIRO :

a detailed offer covering solutions to the problem faced

  • with a clearly defined presentation of tasks, proposed approach and concrete objectives for implementation

  • with a clearly defined time-frame

  • with names and descriptions of members of the CIRO project team

  • with a fixed and calculated offer price -as a rule a flat rate fee-
    for the services to be rendered and any additional costs that might accrue (expenses, materials, communications costs, etc.)

  • with a completion deadline from the beginning of provision of services and a price ceiling for the offer

if a contract is awarded

  • a project schedule with time frame, functions, tasks, activities and the resulting measures

  • a catalog of requirements covering the services to be rendered and the involvement of the client company´s personnel in the project

  • an interim project report covering tasks, evaluation, insights, results, recommendations, functions, measures, implementation proposals and dates (several interim reports might be required for longer-term projects)

  • a final presentation of the results, proposals and recommendations concerning the required measures, with a presentation of how proposals will be implemented as part of the overall planning concept

  • the final report as a result of the project work, with concrete proposals concerning implementation

As the project is undertaken, the client company is fully informed on the development of the project and, where required, practically involved in the process of its realisation. This does not, however, mean that additional work is apportioned to the client company, but that from the beginning of the project the client company and members of its staff are integrated in the reorientation of the decision-making processes within the company, allowingthem to identify themselves with the restructuring measures.

CIRO´s management and staff are committed to the task of maintaining and expanding the success of the client company and are open to discussion at any time.

For the confidential attention of clients, CIRO would be pleased to provide a selected overview of companies that have received consultancy services classified according to the various sectors of business and industry and the tasks which services were designed to address.





Our addresses:

Administration Berlin City Office/
Consultancy Center
Wolframstrasse 40 Schaperstrasse 14 (West-City)
D-12105 Berlin D-10719 Berlin
Tel.: +49-(0)30 - 753 70 06 Tel.: +49-(0)30 - 886 290 07
Fax: +49-(0)30 - 753 48 12 Fax: +49-(0)30 - 886 290 06
web:   www.ciro-consulting.de