CIRO is a management consultancy company established in Switzerland in 1956 that has specialized in building up the expertise and structures to meet the requirements of industry, business and public administration. The main focus of our activities is in Europe and the United States. We have successfully completed more than 10,000 consultancies for SMEs and large-scale companies in the key sectors of industry and business. Since 1 June 1993, CIRO has also had a further base for its european activities in the German capital Berlin.




CIRO, in its capacity as an international management consultancy, has since 1956 ensured that its constantly increasing know-how is state-of-the-art level and deploys its extensive corporate and managerial experience to come up with the solutions companies are seeking. This huge performance and quality potential is placed fully at the entrepreneur´s disposal. What is offered are not abstract theoretical solutions, but realistic and practice-oriented economic, managerial and technical proposals for functions, procedures and processes. Within a limited time frame, CIRO managers will step in and take responsibility for the implementation of restructuring, reengineering and rescue packages.

CIRO provides entrepreneurs with experience and know-how. CIRO management and staff are committed to the task of securing corporate success and ensuring that companies can expand into a profitable future. An initial orientation meeting with CIRO management gives the entrepreneur a secure basis for deciding whether CIRO is right partner in the search for the solution sought.




You can expect the following specialist services from CIRO
  • fully independent and neutral management consultancy,
    no dependancy on third parties, very high levels of expertise
    and social skills, national and international consultancy alliances

  • highly-qualified staff with practice-oriented professional and academic qualifications, five years on-the-job-experience in a managerial function; the knowledge and know-how provided by our staff is maintained at the highest current level in terms of
    the managerial, economic and technical aspects of corporate management, structures and processes

  • market-oriented sector know-how

  • a clear and problem-oriented offer with a fixed fee, transparent expenses and a clearly-defined time frame

  • cooperation with decision-makers based on partnership and trust

  • modular project approach, workshops to discuss and introduce proposals for improved performance

  • clear and attainable objectives, assistance in implementation

  • comprehensive service and coaching to adapt performance criteria to company