Corporate Consultancy Area I

Corporate Consultancy Area II
Corporate Consultancy Area III







Corporate Consultancy Area I
Industry -Trade -Economy -Cooperation - Joint Venture
  • Corporate Restructuring (Business-Reengineering)
    Management Strategy
    Business Strategy
  • Corporate Reconstruction and Rescue Packages for Businesses
  • Mergers & Aquisitions
    Joint-Venture/ Cooperations
    Financial Services
  • Public and Goverment Administration (Public Sector/Ministerial Sector)
    Economic Development (Business Promotion)






Corporate Consultancy Area II
Management-, Corporate-, Economic- and Personnel-Consultancy
  • Implementation and Execution of Measures Resulting from Consultancy Concepts and Recommendations (Examination and Valuation of Business Plans and Business Concepts
  • Examination and Valuation of Business Plans and Business Concepts (feasibility cross cheque and clearing)
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Personnel-Consultancy (Top-Management and Middle-Management)
    Personnel Strategy / Planning







Corporate Consultancy Area III
Industry-Objects Planning, Implementation, Realisation
  • Industrial Engineering
  • TQM/Total Quality Management
    Certification Preparation and Coaching for ISO 9000/9001 ff.
  • Project-Management
  • Innovation Management
    Knowledge-based Management